Paper Submission

Information for Contributors

  1. The Eastern Geographer is an inter-disciplinary journal of the Eastern Geographical Society. The contributions of scientific interest to the Geographers and members of other allied disciplines in the form of research articles, notes and book review etc. will be considered for publication. The contributions should be of the interdisciplinary nature.
  2. Each paper sent for publication should be typed in duplicate on one side of the a4 size paper in double space. The paper should be accompanied by an abstract (within 200 words) highlighting the topic, methodology and findings of the contribution. A certificate from the author that it has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere should be enclosed with the manuscript.
  3. The author is to send the manuscript in hard copy as well as soft copy. The original illustrations should be drawn legibly for making the blocks at our end. The figures and tables should be drawn/typed in separate pages and their position should be marked in the text.
  4. The author should give the full title of the paper, a running title, detail address of the (author)s on a separate page along with the manuscript.
  5. List of references should be given at the end of the article and should be alphabetized by the last name of the author.
  6. Only metric system should be used. Footnotes are to be avoided.
  7. Acceptance of the paper for publication will be based on its assessment by the reviewers.
  8. The print cost of the paper will be borne by the authors at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per paper
  9. All correspondences should be addressed to;

General Secretary Or Chief Editor
Eastern Geographical Society,,Department of Geography, Utkal University, Bhubaneswr-751004, Orissa, India.

All research papers, Book reviews and other contributions may be sent to the General Secretary, Eastern Geographical Society, P.G. Dept. of Geography, Utkal University, Bhubaneswr-751004, Orissa, India.